GreatDebaters – A Virtual Debating Platform

Great Debaters is a soon to be launched Virtual Debating Platform for debate enthusiasts and individuals to debate online. Debate on any issue with an objective to find a solution for the same. You can invite your friends and challenge them for a virtual debate in a structured format. A structured debate is one where only one participant speaks at a time.

You can create your own debates and debate in any language and invite anyone to debate with you. Each participant’s time is restricted and on the completion of her/his time the opponent’s time to speak starts while the remaining participants are muted automatically. Through GreatDebates we aim to revolutionize the way debates are held by bringing it on to a virtual platform. Using AI and ML technologies, we will further analyze the debates and reach out to the relevant stakeholders to implement the necessary changes discussed in the debate.

Realize the true value of your vote by debating on GreatDebaters and get your issue solved in a democratic manner.

Lawyers and Judges can use GreatDebaters as a SaaS application to argue their cases online without having to step out of their home. We offer the service of digital courts by enabling members of legal fraternity to argue their cases on GreatDebaters platform in a safe and secure manner. More details will be uploaded soon.