About Us

Predantics Solutions

We are a team of Business Intelligence Consultants, Data Scientists with a combined experience of over 50 plus years in the space of DataWarehouse, Business Intelligence and Data Science domain. We have rich consulting experience and have implemented several projects across the globe having worked with various reputed Software MNCs. We have formed Predantics Solutions to leverage our consulting and implementation experience and extend it to businesses in other industries in the areas of Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT.

Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence

DataWarehouses and Business Intelligence is all about analyzing the past historical data and presenting it in the form of reports and dashboards for better decision making. Data science is about predicting the future in a better manner by analyzing the same past historical data.

If Business Intelligence helps to answer questions like

  • How many products were sold in each region in the last 2 quarters
  • Which product was sold the most and which product was sold the least or
  • How was the performance of each sales man in each region or
  • On which product do I have to spend more on advertisement and which product I need to give more discount to increase sales then

    Data science helps to answer questions like

    • How many units of raw material ABC will I need to order to manufacture product PQR based on the performance of PQR in each region.
    • By how much percentage will my raw material prices increase because of the increase in crude oil prices by OPEC and what is the impact on my end product?
    • What will be the impact on my export market because of the change in government in the United States?

      Data science helps you to answer questions in a precise manner on any topic which will have multiple effects. Using various Predictive Analytics techniques, we help you present a better picture for your business. This will help you to cut your costs and drive your investments into the right channel.